The board

Left to Right:  Debbie-Ann Chang (in memory of); Board Members: Ken Fried, Luci Ryan, Michael Mullaney; Joel Hershey

Our Board of Directors is dedicated to the Club and its mission. Their passion and commitment is unequaled. These volunteers share their varied interests, talents and expertise to ensure the highest levels of services are available to all who enter the Club door.

President, Lisa Anderson; Vice Presidents:  Timothy Shea & Julie Callahan; Secretary: Brian Urkowitz

Hank Braun                          Patricia Maurice
Alison Buck                          Maryann McInerney
Michael Bussa                     Lynn Mercado
Steve Cannella                    Michael Mullaney
Frederick Combs                Phylis Natoli
Ken Fried                              Barry Podgorsky
Carl Hedin                            Luci Ryan
Joel Hershey                       Kim Sheridan
Sandy Herzfeld                   Tanika Steele
Karen Jackson                    Jim Wood